And there was sound. . .

Since 2015 "die Mischerei" has stood for state of the art work on all fields of modern audioproduction.
We have worked with numbers of sophisticated customers in various settings. Whether it was while working at our studios in Graz, at the opera, on the filmset or at live concerts around the country.
They all got one thing in common - they all got delivered.

Some of our recent projects:

Mastering for grammy award winning mixing engineer Ryan Freeland and producer Joe Henry
Son Of the velvet Rat - "Dorado"

Mastering for alternative chart breaking artists
Clara Luzia - "When I Take Your Hand"

Big Band Live CD Production
The Big Base Band

Recording and mixing for national broadcast ORF
Ermione - Festspiele Erl 2018

On set-music recording and music-mix for cinema movie
"Hotel Rock'n'Roll" by Michael Glawogger & Michael Ostrowski

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about us

„Die Mischerei“ are Albrecht Klinger, Fabio Schurischuster and Manuel Fresser. Our common idea is to run a studio that meets the needs of 21st century audio production. So don’t expect a recording studio like back in the 60s or 80s. No large mixing consoles here. We focus on the sound itself, on merciless monitoring and on new and faster workflows.
Both our community of experienced musicians, composers and engineers plus our equipment on the newest state of technology account for the unique and recognizable sound we are capable of achieving.

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recording, sync

studio A

mastering, mixing

studio B

mixing, recording

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Fabio. . . 0043 664 97 60 166
Albi. . . . . 0043 650 24 26 142
Manuel. . . . . 0043 676 78 08 216


Reininghausstraße 49-51
8020 Graz